Shauna Osborn is an award winning Numunuu (Comanche)/German mestiza artist, researcher, and wordsmith. She has earned a BA from the University of Oklahoma and an MFA from New Mexico State University. Her debut poetry collection Arachnid Verve focuses on the acrobatic nature of Southwestern life and is a finalist for an Oklahoma Book Award. The poems in this collection express the constant search for equilibrium between the utilitarian elements of life and the flourishes of color and spice inherent to artist expression. These pieces often explore the convergence or collision of worlds: the machine world and natural realm, death and the living, the spiritual and the material, the traditional and the alternative. She focuses on personal realities and tactile social universalities, creating a poetics of muscular and physical response, as well as the more cerebral themes of personal transformation, gender violence, and social justice. As a member of the Yapaituka band of the Numunuu, Shauna creates contemporary work in her tribal language to help ensure its survival, funds tribal development and language immersion opportunities through grant writing, and creates Indigenous literary projects. Shauna’s list of honors includes a 2015 Artist in Residence for A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Waves Writing Retreat, a National Poetry Award from the New York Public Library, Alternating Current Press Luminaire Award for Best Poetry, and the Native Writer Award from UNM Summer Writers’ Conference. She has taught for New Mexico State University, Santa Fe Community College, and numerous community organizations.

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