Carved Skin Project

For the larger ideas behind the project, visit the blog post that discusses the Carved Skin Project as mentioned at the AROHO  retreat.

A short project description from Shauna:

In Woman Warrior, Kingston’s mythical parents carve oaths on her back before she heads into battle—making her body a text where memory is visible and an emotional connection to the family’s interests are made physical. In many ways, a woman’s body is a physical text, our families and lovers carving into our flesh whatever they wish us to remember. What messages were carved on your back—what fights are left visible? Which battles have you won or lost? How is your vision of those battles different from the ones who carved? What would you carve if you could?

With this project, I will document the “carved skin” of interested women by photographing the women’s bare skin and covering them with text digitally using Photoshop (or text painted on their skin and then photographed). Each participant will have the option of choosing their text, showing as much or as little skin as they wish, and being photographed alone or with other women. The first photographs were shot during an Artist in Residence spot at the 2015 AROHO retreat. More setting opportunities will hopefully be made available in upcoming months. Some photos from the project are below.