Community Organizer Tools

Resources for Addressing Harm, Accountability, and Healing from Critical Resistance

Art Culture Social Justice Network’s resource list

Self Care Strategies are necessities for those of us doing the hard work of social change. Take care of yourself so you can keep making our world progressively better.

Dealing with trauma from PTSD can be difficult as well. The article in the link has some helpful strategies for caring for loved ones and friends with the condition.

Campaign Zero focuses on actions you can take to change the dynamics of police brutality on a national scale.


Here are two PDFs lists with available online resources. The first includes various topics including Alternative Media, International Activist Groups, Community Organizations, Veterans groups, etc. The second is focused entirely on Sustainability.

Massive Electronic Resource List

Sustainability Resources


The following files are PDF & Visual Presentation versions of the dual workshops I hosted with Myra Reed at the 2013 Albuquerque Cultural Conference. Myra hosted the Composting/Gardening workshop while I hosted the Repurposing/Upcycling workshop. The PDF versions are smaller files but include the same slides as those found in the presentations. Please feel free to utilize the info available here to educate others (or yourself & family) or to help create your own workshops around sustainable practices. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or ask within the comments space below.

Community Gardens Patio Composting Keyhole Gardens FINAL PDF

Community Gardens Patio Composting Keyhole Gardens FINAL Presentation

Sustainable Practices Workshop Part 1 Repurposing (PDF)

Sustainable Practices Workshop Part 2 Upcycling (PDF)



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